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water clouds fog rain snow streams rivers ocean

mist becomes water becomes rivers become ocean

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This is a community for sharing images of water be they photographs, paintings, or words. Water can take many forms including clouds, fog, rain, snow, ice, glaciers, rivlets, brooks, tumults, creeks, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, icicles, frost, dew, waterfalls, drips, drops, and puddles just to name a few. Be nice with your posts and comments or be soaked... Please use an LJ cut if posting images with the larger dimension greater than 800 pixels or multiple images. Because this is a family rated community the posting of nudity is not permitted. (there are other communities for posting these types of images.) You must be the owner of the the copyright for all that you post in this community or have permission of the copyright owner and you must give identification of the maker in such cases.


Ed Book
community moderator